There are just days that you can't help but to feel pissed off and super mad. My morning didn't came off well. There's this lady who just made me feel so terrible. She made me feel that I don't use my head or I didn't do my job. Excuse me? I always make sure that I get things done! I'm not dumb and definitely not stupid. She acts as if she's the boss. She rush things, she demands, she always treat me as if I am her associate. I know who my bosses are, and she's definitely not one of them!

I did everything that she requested me to do, and what do I get?An email stating that 'I should give what she's asking so we don't have to do it again and again'. If she's just here in front of me, she'll see how I will react and she might not like what I will be saying. It's too much. 'Strike 3 na siya sakin'. I had enough. It's time to speak out. Time to let her know that when I know I'm right, I will speak out and will definitely fight back.

She's definitely barking at the wrong tree.

Whew, wish I could still end my day with a big smile!


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