Larong Batang Pinoy

Kids at present are so busy talking about the latest games online or latest game apps available for them to enjoy. Tablets, desktops, smartphones and laptops are the toys most of the kids prefer nowadays and while I see kids busy with their own gadgets, I suddenly remember all my 'street games' before where I super duper enjoyed every inch of it!

I remember playing Piko (Hopscotch). Oh dear I am so proud to say that I was sooooo good at playing Piko! We usually use a coin or a flat tiny stone when playing this one. I was always hoping I can be the first one to play by making sure my cue ball (coin/stone)was thrown nearest to the moon =) And definitely looking forward to get a number of houses =)
I also loved playing Patintero! Especially at night time and the moon is in its full circle! I always wanted to be on the defense team rather than on the attack team. I was so lousy in terms of making sure I get in without being tagged by the defense team! This is a Fun fun game and it teaches kids to strategize and work as a team =)
Another game that I so love to play is the tumbang preso! I must say, I'm good at targeting the small can with my super slipper! This is also a challenging game for the 'taya' because he or she must take an eye to the tin can (that it's still on its standing position) while also running after another player. This, I think helps the kid develop his or her motor skills even more =)

 Of course the famous Taguan!
Tagu-taguan, maliwanag ang buwan
Masarap maglaro sa dilim-diliman
'Pag kabilang kong sampu
Nakatago na kayo
Isa, dalawa, ... sampu! (One, two, ... ten!)
And this for me is the most challenging game, Lupa Langit! It was very exhausting to run and to look for an elevated area so won't get caught by the 'taya'! Whew! If I were to play this game again at my age, and my current weight? This would be a good and effective exercise for me! haha

These are just some of the Pinoy Street Games I used to play when I was a kid and I really hope my kids can also get to enjoy these games as much as I did. I think, I would need to teach them how to play these games with their playmates, only question is if they will be interested in the first place? =)


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