Superpower under crisis

I turned the television on and see the news worldwide. As an international studies graduate, I have been reading and listening to the latest global issues. The most recent headline: United States under serious financial crisis due to house loans and mortgages. Bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers and the crackdown of other financial institutions of the superpower United States. As they say when the US sneezes, the rest of the world catches colds.

Countries worldwide are somehow affected by what the US is experiencing presently which is not really a surprise. We all know that many countries especially those that belong to the 3rd world nations are directly or indirectly dependent to the Superpower for aid. So there must be a decrease in the volume or amount that the United States is donating. Stock market shares in Asia and even Europe has plunged a number of points. Apart from that, the United Nations has also been affected by the crisis that the most influential and most powerful representative in such world organization is currently facing.

Now, where is US going to? I don’t know – I am an Asian studies major anyway. Just kidding. The superpower might need a very very very good and not just good but excellent crisis management committee. The White House should use their financial resources to save those investment/financial institutions that are in danger of collapse. This may take a long time to completely elevate the financial status of the country but if the Government takes decisive measures then sooner or later, they will get back the financial freedom they have always had.


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