Food for my Soul

I have always been a music lover and I will forever be. Name it, R&B, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Punk, Classic and even Jazz and OPM. I remember when I was just a kid, I used to sing Whitney Houston songs and then when I reached 1st-2nd year of my highschool, I used to listen to boy band songs such as those of Nsync, Five and BSB (Backstreet Boys) and girl duo songs like M2M. During my 3rd year, I started to appreciate Linkin Park and Greenday as well as some R&B and Pop Hit songs. As my college years arrived, I still listen to punk and rock songs but more specifically those of the local artists (OPM). After college, I still have with me that rocker thing but I learned to appreciate classic and jazz music. It was very soothing to the ears and very light. It is what I need when I want to calm myself or if I am in my 'reflection' moments.

Music has consistently been the food for my soul. Every song that I listen to either relates to my present feelings or it is what I want to hear to make me feel what I need to feel. Did you get that last 10 words? I mean for instance, if I am terribly sad or disappointed, I will choose to listen to lively and energetic songs to uplift my spirit and eventually regain myself. Ironically though, I oftentimes end up listening to hard rock music when I am super mad which makes me more mad most especially when I can relate well to the lyrics. hehehe

I am in love with music eventhough I am not gifted with golden voice and I don't play instruments. What matters to me is how music touched and touches my life. =)


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