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Writing has always been my passion. I write whatever is on my mind, may it be expressed as an essay or a poem. I have had my writing pieces based on my personal thoughts, insights and experiences which makes it more interesting for me. It's what I feel, what I hear, what I see, and what I think. Now, I wonder why I have made a blog of my own? It's not necessarily because it's the trend among the youth and teenagers or even professionals but simply beacuse it frees my mind. Having my own choice of template, theme, layout and all that, makes it so much fun to write and post all my stuffs.

It has been four years now when I last wrote a heartfelt article which has been fortunately published in the Youngblood of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It wasn't that easy for me to get my article published in such a newspaper and so having this blog site makes it much much easier for me to get my pieces published. Cool huh?

I don't really pay much attention on the credits I will be getting from my blogs but it's really more of the freedom and fun I am feeling from doing it. It's just a matter of spontaneity and just to write and post and publish til I drop. It's really fun! My blog. My thoughts. My pieces. My Self. So blog it on! \m/


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