Break Free

I spent the day with my mind thirsty for thoughts and ideas. There could be millions of topics I could write about but I just cannot focus on one specific thing. When I catch a significant insight and start to write its introduction, another idea pops up and more ideas keeps popping up! And so I decided to write nothing and just let the thoughts overflow. Now, the night has come and I have finally been able to spotlight a topic that I believe is worthy to write about.

Freedom. They say that all of us are free to do what we want to do, free to express our feelings, free to decide, and free to choose. I may have to disagree about such belief. Until now I haven’t really found the freedom that I want. Why? Primarily because of the pre-judgmental nature of the people. Since I was elementary I have always been conscious of what other people thinks which refrained me from what I really want to do or what I want to choose to do. It was more like; the people decide for me or let us say I have allowed them to run my life. Many individuals nowadays are afraid to pursue their desires and even happiness just because of what other people are saying and may say.

Most of the time, people prejudge other people just to cover for their own mistakes and flaws or simply to appear better than the others or to appear righteous and all that. Many individuals are being halted to pursue what they want just because of being too imprisoned by the criticisms and judgments of other people who are not even directly part of their lives.

Happiness can only be felt when one is free. I am not actually that happy because I am not that free. It makes me wonder why people are trying to pull me down or why they take so much of their time to say things against me and even make up stories about me. I am not a superstar but I feel like I am being followed by too many paparazzi. Hehe Shall I conduct a press conference? Just kidding.

I have slowly reflected on things that have happened to me the past months and now I have this rush not to care at all! I mean this is my life. Maybe it’s time for me to pursue my happiness by freeing myself from all the people who doesn’t contribute any good to my life. I feel sorry for those people who doesn’t want to see me or other people happy. I can’t believe I allowed them to make me feel caged. From this moment on, I will live MY life. I will run MY life. I will have MY free and happy life. I live only once and I cannot let myself die without having lived a life of my own!


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