23 lessons I learned in my lifetime’s journey

1. Nobody else can help you but you yourself
2. When everything goes wrong and helpless, God is up above to listen to you
3. Never miss a day to smile, it makes you and even other people happy
4. Don’t let your fear overcome you
5. When you love, love as if you have never loved before
6. When you are in doubt, pray
7. See the good sides of every person. Learn to love and not to hate.
8. Try to see the positive things of life
9. If you know that what you do makes you happy, go for it! Happiness matters.
10. Never think of what others will say, that’s your life anyway
11. Never waste your life talking behind other people’s back, mind your own business
12. Life is too serious to be taken seriously, Enjoy while you still can!
13. Always try to share positive and happy thoughts to the people around you
14. Let the problem, problem you and if the problem doesn’t have any solution, why problem?
15. Believe in yourself! Every person has their own unique personalities and abilities. Explore yours!
16. Don’t complicate things!
17. Appreciate the beauty of nature and you will see yourself at peace. Try to meditate once in awhile
18. Value even the smallest thing you have in your life
19. A friend will tell you what you want to hear but your family will tell you what you don’t want to hear
20. Be contented. Don’t be greedy
21. When you are feeling blue, think of the colorful things you experienced in your life. You will surely feel better
22. When in abundance, share.
23. As long as you have faith in yourself and to the Above, life isn’t a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived and enjoyed!


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