As I see myself passionate in writing, I have never given up applying for online writing companies as a freelance writer. Thanks to the person who gave me my first few writing projects. The trust he had given me and the chance of proving my writing skills was something very helpful in my writing career. I have always been addicted to writing anything and everything under the sun. May it be literary, fictional, personal essays, feature articles, academic pieces, whatever the topic is, I will take the challenge. It makes me think, ponder, reflect and writing gives me the feeling of being hungry for knowledge. It really is my passion. And now that I am already currently writing for three online research and writing companies, I want to expand my scope by creating my own site. I hope that through this blog site, I can slowly put up my own writing site. So here’s how it works.

1. Visit my site ( to give you a glimpse of my writing style
2. Submit your order through my email at or or you can simply post at my CBOX your queries and other concerns
3. Indicate in your email the: topic, deadline, style of citation (APA, MLA, Harvard), font size, margin, number of pages, number of words per page and other specific instructions.
4. After reviewing your order, I will email you within 24 hours if I can accept the order or not
5. If accepted and submitted on deadline, I am open to revisions if it is necessary – for free
6. I will charge $5-$10/ page depending on the nature of the topic


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