In life, we expect too much hardships and challenges. We expect to see darkness instead of lightness. We expect to see badness in every person instead of goodness in their hearts. We expect to be poor and to get deprived instead of being rich and accepted. We expect to be hated rather than be loved. We expect to be criticized rather than being respected. We expect that things will not be in favor of us. We don’t expect life to be bright and colorful. And we definitely not expect life to be filled with absolute happiness and tranquility.

We all know these are all part of our life. Without such unpleasant experiences, we will not learn, we will not grow. Every person of every continent of every country of every nationality has their own stories of struggle and sufferings to tell. It is nowhere to be found in this world that ‘somebody’ who will say that he had not experienced any sad or horrific things in his life. Sometimes, or rather most of the time, we tend to get ourselves so preoccupied with our life problems. We usually pity ourselves and think that we’re the biggest loser of all. We oftentimes see ourselves burdened with too many problems and challenges. But that’s not how we should deal with life. We shouldn’t let our difficulties overcome us nor suffocate us. We shouldn’t allow our setbacks to pull us down but rather, we should dare to move against it. It is your life and nobody else could run that for you. We are the drivers of our own lives.

If we continue to permit our hurdles to rule over us, we would surely not expect to feel happy and peaceful. Fight back and never allow yourself to be dragged into the world of gloominess. The book entitled The Secret would strongly advise to think and feel positive in dealing with our everyday lives. What we think and what we say can greatly affect the outcomes of whatever we are doing. So if you think and really believe that you can do it! Then you will surely will!


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