Most people are preoccupied with issues related to their work, their family, their friends and even issues that are not even part of their lives. We all are, one way or another, problematic and are so wasting our time thinking about our problems and even other people’s problems. With this, we all look sad, haggard or worried at times. We even forget how to smile, to laugh and to enjoy. In this world we live in, we can always choose to be happy. We can always choose to enjoy every little thing that we have. And we can always opt to laugh all our problems out! Smiling even once or twice in a day really feels different. We cannot always frown and complain. Can you imagine how many lines you will be having if you always choose to be sad or to be problematic? Of course, you wouldn’t want to see wrinkles in your forehead anyway. So better relax, take a deep breathe, think of all those happy and funny times you had in your lifetime and then smile! It is a beautiful day!!! As the song goes ‘Smile though heart is breaking, Smile though your heart is aching” Smile as if you can never smile again! =)


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