Another day to see the beauty of life. Another chance to make other people happy. Another opportunity to make the best out of everything. Another reality to face. Another moment to seize the day and release the stress. Every single day is brand new day to make things straight, to ease all the hardships, to make ugly circumstances turn into a beautiful situation, to make angry heart go soft and calmed, to turn messed up mind into a peaceful one and most of all, another brand new day to thank the Above for giving us another chance to live and to enjoy life’s gifts. Another day is given to us in order to realize that each day there are surprises, good or bad, sad or happy, frustrating or uplifting but what matters most is that every day we learn to appreciate life and everything around us. Let’s make some extra effort to see the positive side of things and let’s give some time to think of things that we should do in order to keep us alive and high spirited rather than thinking of things that would only make our day lousy! CHEER UP! CARPE DIEM!


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