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Christmas season is coming and our company already announced that the theme for our Christmas Party will be 80's/retro! Yeah, so cool when I learned that we will be going to wear colorful and really 'bibo' attires! Not only that, I heard that there will be a contest for the 'Best 80's Look'... Hmmm, I must admit I am excited and I am up for the contest! C'mon, need some extra cash so why not?=p

Now the question is, where shall I find 80's inspired attires here in Gensan? Well, I guess I just need to exert extra creativity and initiative huh. Among the many different 80's look, I'm wondering what shall I really wear? What color or style... Would it be more of a Madonna look or shall I wear the dress in the picture?lol..

I am so excited yet so 'wondering' where I could find the best 80's dress... If only anybody out there who can atleast share some ideas... (calling all fashionistas)! But anyway, there is still a month to go and who knows? Maybe I can bump into a small store where I could find what I am looking for... =) So guys, wish me luck!


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