I am officially in my 'bored' mode. I wonder what I can do to atleast keep me on a higher spirit. Could I just sing out loud and disturb my officemates? Definitely crazy and impossible. Can I just dance to my own beat and forget that I am in the office? Yeah right, as if that's possible. Or can I simply just browse and browse through the net and get nothing at all to flush away my boredom.

Hmmm... That's why there's blogging, right?It's the best way to keep my mind working, to keep my reflexes moving and to keep myself busy!!! =)) Now the problem is, I don't know where to start. Shall I talk about fashion? technology? love? Apparently, I am just blogging about myself and what I am feeling at this very moment. Can anybody just entertain me and help me get away with this lousy feeling?!? Maybe in a few a minutes, I can change mode... Just maybe.


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