A PIECE OF ME (game)...

I like: to eat chicken fillet rice of Mcdonald's right now... yummy!

I don't like: to talk to people who are just giving me negative vibes...I need a positive and energetic environment! C'mon!

I want you to know: that as of now I have this adrenaline rush to write and write! Or maybe I am just too bored and writing is just the only way to cheer me up and keep me moving!

I've planned: to buy new stocks for my boutique this weekend! I have to add newer stocks since Christmas season is upcoming. Have to look for tops and dresses that are in demand in the market nowadays at the same time unique to keep my boutique's identity

I want to say to someone special: Mom, I love you and I always pray that you get your strength back!

Till next month!

Wanna play the game? Visit notesfromthetoothfairy.blogspot.com


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