What's happening?

It's all bad news. Tragedy. War. Discrimination. Unrest. Calamities. Poverty.

In the television, in the newspapers, in the radio, in the internet, everything in the world seem to be in a mess. It's like you can no longer expect to see light in darkness, see peace in war torn places, see food in poverty-striken places and see life in a dying world. I don't even know if we can still see ourselves living in a world where there are more postive things going on rather than all these heartbreaking stories to hear and see.

I myself can't even tell what things we can do to 'heal this world and make it a better place' (MJ). I watched the 'This is It' documentary film of the supposed-to-be comeback concert of Michael Jackson in London. The lyrics of his songs relates very well to the world at present. Very striking and a very heartfelt kind of music. If only many people can hear the songs and internalize the words expressed and put it into action then perhaps we can really create a better place to live in. Whether Black or White, Asian or European, Rich or Poor, Old or Young. The songs of MJ are really inspiring and makes you stand up and fight for the world! A world that creates unity, love and peace among the people. Get inspired!


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