Hmmmm... It's a Saturday! Just want to share some of the many things that you can do for the weekend:

1. You can go out with your friends and spend time in a beach resort and try to enjoy the beauty of nature

2. You can choose to stay at home and watch your favorite movies (movie marathon) just to relax your mind and body (try to be a potato couch once in awhile)

3. You can spend the weekend alone or in a group to watch the latest movie in the theaters like 2012 which I heard to be an awesome and a worth watching movie. Feel the thrill!

4. You can also choose to lock yourself in your room all day to have your beauty rest and when the night arrives, party 'till you drop! Go to the newest and most hip bars in the town and enjoy the night as if there will be no tomorrow!

5. Or lastly, you can always have your spa treatment. In that way, stressed nerves will be relaxed and eventually give you a refreshing feeling!

Hope my list helped! =) Have a great weekend everybody!


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