I finally had the chance to watch the most talked about movie '2012'. Special effects aside, it was the gist of the movie that really caught my heart. The possibility that by that time, the world could end in just a blink of an eye. It wasn't a hypothetical and fictional movie. It wasn't unreal at all. That could really happen in two to three years time if people would continue to ignore the reality of global warming. This was not the first time that I felt that the world could really turn into a whole damn mess in the near future. When I was in college, I watched the documentary film of former US Vice President Al Gore. There, he showed what was really happening in many places in the world at present. Rivers have dried up and in the north pole, heat is already felt. Trees dried up so fast and animals are slowly losing their habitat. Just now, I saw in the yahoo news about the giant jellyfishes swarm into the Western part of the Japan Ocean. It was considered to be the worst jellyfish swarm in the region since it occurs every 40 years. (to know more about this news log on to http://new.yahoo.com/s/ap/climate_09_jellyfish_menace)

It's frightening if you would think about it. It makes me think and ponder if I am ready. 2012 is fast approaching, am I prepared? Actually it may happen sooner or later than we expect. Even here in the Philippines, floods are unstoppable. Aren't those signs that we have to act NOW and not when it's TOO LATE? I just hope that people would no longer be as selfish as in the movie when the world do come to an end. It was so sad to see in the movie that even in the most challenging time of humanity, money still talks. They still ask for green cards and even sold tickets to people in order to save their lives. What do you expect? Of course, only those who ate in golden spoons can be accommodated. Duh? Who can possibly pay 1 billion euros for just one seat??? I hope that when that time really comes, selflessness and love for humanity will rule and not money nor power.

I pray that it's never too late to save the world.

How about you? Are you ready? Share your views.


liz ngujo said...

hi zyrah.. am not sure how i got your email that lead me to your blogspot.. but am glad it did.

back to the topic - 2012.. yes it got me thinking, what if? yes same question came into me, am i prepared? i hadn't had spent much time with my kids back home working here in the middle east.. that's the most frightening thought that i came accross after watching that movie.. hope that the government would finally wake up and stop 'busying' themselves with the upcoming election, there are far more better things to do.
by the way, i never had a chance to watch the full Al Gore documentary film, just the highlights though.. i got to hunt that film seriously now and share it with colleagues and family.. cheers and congratulations on your your striking blogging, keep it up.

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