Somewhere I belong...

As I have found myself in a place where I truly belong, I am grateful and living at peace. The past may be cruel and unfair but as they say, the best is yet to come. I am just a simple lady longing for a place where I would feel accepted, respected and treated fairly. I just needed to be in a place where one can say ‘What you see is what you get’. Unlike before, I never saw what’s real in every person. I just saw masks. I just saw fakes. I just saw unreal and untrue individuals. It was then that I thought that maybe, just maybe, this is what really the world has – people who don’t care.

But that view and thought changed when I stepped into the place called RDEX. At first, I was expecting to deal with the same people all over again but I was wrong, so wrong. People here are surprisingly sincere in their acts and deeds. I am humbled. I am gratified.
You get the feeling of belongingness and acceptance. They treat you right and they treat you fair. It’s like they listen to what you have to say and they give time to share their thoughts.

People here know how to appreciate and how to criticize. They certainly don’t wear masks. They are so true to their words and actions. I never thought that I could meet people like them and more so, I was not expecting to meet true people in a workplace because that wasn’t the case with my former ‘colleagues’. Aside from knowing their real personalities and attitudes, there is so much fun in here! Hell yeah! Everybody just loves to crack jokes and laugh. We all love eating together and enjoy the food to the maximum level even if it’s just a ‘pandesal’! We simply have a good camaraderie in here. I can’t ask for more.

Most of all, people here mind their own businesses. They don’t exert much effort in hearsays and whatsoever. They work and they enjoy. That’s it. They don’t have the time to make stories about other people. It’s a family in here. They are professionally oriented and most of all, they care.

I am proud and happy to belong in this company. It truly rocks!


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