Outside, it’s her smile that shines
Inside, it’s the pain she hides
No matter how she try to ease it
Seems nothing can really beat it
She wonders
She crumbles
She thought it was over
But he still seems to bother
The feeling is still intense
Where she wished it made no sense
The mind do really forgets
But the heart never regrets
Now, nobody knows
How things will go
But whatever that is
She hopes it will give her peace


Anonymous said...

I know the feelings...
Your heart that wanted to shout...
but suppressed by the circumstances...
Only time can tell....
who will fit in that space inside...
No one could ever replace its empty space,
for that space is intended for that being....

If u want PEACE...let go of the knot that tie ur heart and surely it will vanish to that ever wandering sky...

zsay said...

hi anonymous...

I really love your advise.. I just hope I can do that...

HuManoiD Being said...

Let not the histories of the past haunt you;
Let it guide you.
Let not the mysteries of the future consume you;
Let it inspire you.
Let not the episodes of the present perturb you;
Let it unfold before you.
Feel it, see it, listen to it, experience it;
Enjoy every second of it.
Be thankful of each breath you take;
Be grateful of each walk you make;
Be glad of each day you wake;
Be glad of each person you meet.
And if someone's shadow of the past is still lurking in your thoughts,
Remember that somewhere he is also thinking of you - elated of what you are now.
And though the future seems too blur for your hearts to be one,
Remember that somewhere in his heart is a space for you - elated that you are part of him.
And remember that each passing moment of the present, he prays nothing but to see you smiling.

May happiness reigns in your heart zsay.. I will always be your kuya..

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