Missing my All time friends

I miss my friends. My highschool friends who are all now busy with their own lives.

Nine years ago, we were still those girls who just wanted to have fun. We altogether go out to the malls and look for boys.. oopss. I mean to look for things we all love to buy. We even cut classes just go to the nearest internet cafe's to chat or to play counterstrike. Every lunchtime, we choose to stay at any of our friend's house where we can cook our favorite 'tinapa' (sardines mixed with eggs) and of course 'bulad' (dried fish)! yummy! After the delicious meal, we would all stay at the sala and talk about everything and anything under the sun. Cracking jokes and making fun of each other. We were all crazy. hahaha! Three years of friendship during our highschool days were so filled with fun, excitement and joy. We enjoyed everybodys company.

But of course, we have to graduate and separate ways. We had to go to different schools but some of my friends went to the same school however, we can't deny that we were used to being complete. Amidst the distance, we all still kept in touch and as the sem break comes, we all made it a point to go out and catch up. Years passed, and we all graduated from college. Some graduated on time and some had delays and one did not. But thankfully, we are all having a good life (I suppose).

Three of my friends are now already having their own families. One is already a registered nurse and currently enjoying her profession. One is just waiting for the result of the Nursing Board Exam, if she passes (which I know she will) we will already have two nurses in the group. My other friend is presently working in an airline (i am happy for her since she was the one who failed to graduate but look at her now, living a good life). And me? I am a freelance writer, entrepreneur(beginner) and a full-time administrative assistant in an export-oriented company.

You know what? I miss my friends. We have gone a long way. Now, it's quite hard to set a date, time and place where we can all sit down and talk about what's the latest in our lives. We've been friends for nine years now and I know that inspite of our busy lives, our friendship is still embedded in our hearts. I still listen to our 'girlfriend' music entitled 'wannabe' by spice girls =p

The night outs, the crushes, the craziness, the mall hoppings, the silliness, everything about us. I miss it! Wish we could still hang out!

For now, I just have to reminisce and remember how we enjoyed our friendship.. =)


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