A Socialist by Thoughts

Sometimes, I mean most of the time; I just wish I live in a socialist country. I remember back in college, we discussed many times about Karl Marx, Mao Tze Tung and Engel. We learned many about socialism and communism. If people can just take a look at the principles of Socialism, then perhaps, most of us, if not all, would want to have such a society.

If you would come to think about it, if only equality and equity exist in a society then there will be no chaos, envy, war, greed, crime, prostitution, corruption, smuggling, terrorism, etc. There will be no such thing as proletariat and bourgeoisie. Socialism may sound too idealistic but I don’t think there’s no wrong in trying to achieve such a society. It’s better to try and to fail than not trying at all anyway.

Why do you think women opt to sell their selves rather than looking for a decent job that will make them live through life? Why do you think people are pulling other people down in order to be successful? Why do you think people resort to violence when they can actually put it in a diplomatic and a peaceful negotiation?

I guess everybody knows what the answer is. I don’t think we are neither blind nor dumb not to see and know that inequality and inequity is the root of all undesirable circumstances that not only one country but all countries experience. In a capitalist society, “Rich are getting richer while poor are getting poorer” but in a socialist country, “Everybody gets everything”. In a capitalist-led society, “Rich dictates, and poor follows” but in socialism, “Society dictates, everybody respects”.

If I am not mistaken, it was I think in our Theology or Philosophy class that we learned that every human was born ‘good’. We all have good deeds within us. Each and every individual in this globe wants to do good for their self and for others even just for a moment. And so, with that in mind, it may be hard to practice socialism but it’s definitely not impossible to achieve a socialist country.

Achieving a socialist country may be done in two ways, through reforms or through a revolution. Hmmm, so if you’d ask me, I would go first for reforms. Let us start through making reforms and not aggressively engaging the society in a revolution. Many socialists argue between which is more necessary to achieve such a society. Some argue that reforms are needed to achieve socialism and not necessarily through a revolution. They believe that if there are more democratic rights and social reform programs that will be implemented in a society, there is a greater possibility of achieving socialism. It’s just a matter of prioritizing the society and not the higher class alone. For some, revolution is the answer. Well, revolution will most probably be effective but can lead to violence. So I would still rather go with reforms.

Anyway, I am not here to discuss everything about the principles of socialism but here to share how much I desire to live in such a utopian but can possibly be an achievable society.


Bai A. said...

Haha, I suddenly missed those discussions we had in college! =) go girl! =)

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