I need to eat ice cream to cool me down..

I am mad. I am pissed off. My blood is just bursting like lava. You know the times when you just can’t help but get irritated by somebody? Somebody who doesn’t care, someone who is insensitive, someone who is no longer reasonable with his /her actions? I am honestly disturbed the past weeks. I no longer have the interest and the passion. I just don’t understand why a person has to make simple things complicated and make light things harder for another person! I just don’t get the point why a person needs to make small issues a big deal? I am neither stupid nor dumb to know what to do and what not to do. I just get surprised by the things I am hearing from that certain person. I have a life of my own and I want a life that’s not ‘kill joy’. We only live once and we have to make our journey through life as wonderful and as happy as possible!

I am too young to live in a world with this person with me! I can get old in no time. Omigod. I just hope some people realize that THEY ARE NOT PERFECT and we all STARTED from THE BOTTOM. We are all EQUAL in the eyes of the Almighty and that person definitely has no right to make me feel bad.

(Thank God blog exists. At least for one moment I can shout my anger out !)


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