My Dream Wedding (10 years from now)

My dream wedding will revolve around simplicity, purity and a romantic atmosphere. It is good to tie the knots with your partner in just a simple and peaceful ceremony. I would definitely love to see my wedding in a private island with white sand during either sunrise or sunset. It has always been my desire to be wedded near a beach where all that I, my groom and guests will be seeing is the calmness of the sea, all that we’ll be feeling is the comforting hush of the wind, and we would all hear nothing but the soothing splashes of the waves. As I walk, barefoot through the aisle, flooded with white rose petals, a violin shall be played as the musical background. And as we finally utter the words ‘I do’, I would like all the guests to form a circle around us to express their love and support. I would love to see our reception in white and with some touches of lavender. I want the guests to enjoy not only the Asian foods that we have prepared but also the tables and chairs covered with white fabrics with our initials embedded on it. And of course, the number of the layers of our cake will depend on how many years we have been together as partners. I just envision a wedding that represents bliss and serenity. I don’t need a glamorous and highly sophisticated wedding. I want everyone ‘TO FEEL THE SAND, THE WIND, HEAR THE WAVES, TO FEEL AND BREATHE THE LOVELY AIR’.

I just want my married life to be as peaceful and as blissful as possible that is why I want to start it in my most special day – my wedding day.

(How about you? What is your dream wedding?)


Anonymous said...

That's a very idealistic wedding....
Hope it will happen

zsay said...

it's very real... simplicity has never been an ideal wedding.

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