Disheartening Politics

My thoughts are currently on the political sphere of the Philippines at the moment. Election time is coming and campaigns have already started. But I am not really interested with that because I know their game. Anyway, when I was on my way to the office, I realized that the President has really been good in protecting herself and her interest. I mean, she really is incredible when it comes to diverting the issues over her to other petty issues. I remember when the Magdalo stood up against the President because they cannot already take the guilt. But what happened? The leaders of such group were arrested and most of them surrendered and sent their apologies to the President. The next issue was about the “hello Garci’ scandal. Whoah, I really thought at that time, The President will finally be stepping down. But believe it or not, she just said “I am Sorry” on the national television. Wow. Then that’s it? Sorry and her ‘cheating’ was forgotten and forgiven? This is ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES. Maybe the Filipinos have also been passive with the issue because they just let it happened. Finally, the ZTE scandal exploded! At that time, I was more pessimistic than optimistic that the issue will finally be resolved since the 1st two issues were just left unresolved. And I was right. Despite the daily senate probe and despite the overflowing evidences and despite the presence of the star witness LOZADA, nothing happened. It was just basically a waste of time. The President was probably laughing at that time because (in Filipino), “NAISAHAN NANAMAN NIYA TAYO”. She successfully DROPPED the issue. She really is brilliant. Amazing.

And now, election is coming. All the while we think that Gibo is the candidate GMA but we are wrong. It’s VIllar. A text message has been forwarded to me about this ‘another’ scandal. It was stated in the message that Villar is the secret candidate of GMA and if he wins and GMA will be a Congresswoman, Villar will make GMA the Speaker of the House. And so what does that mean? GMA will run the Congress (the lawmaking body of the government) and so I guess by now, you what that means. Speaker of the House is basically the 2nd powerful person next to the President. Will we let this happen? Will we let GMA rule us again? Maybe it’s time for the Filipinos to really think before voting.

Personally, I don’t have any idea who to vote yet. Maybe it’s because nobody in the candidates has really convinced me that much for now. I just hope that majority of the people can choose the right one because Philippines do really need a leader who knows what PUBLIC SERVICE is (if there still is).


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