Loving Life. Living Love.

'Life it ain't easy, it's so tough, it ain't easy, watcha gonna do: Put a SMILE on your face' - quoted from the song of Vitamin C entitled Smile.

It really is a reality that life is not easy at all. It is not all about happiness and joy. Definitely not all about success and triumphs. It's tough. It's hard. And it bites.

You need to shed some tears to learn how to smile. You need to feel hurt to learn what happiness really is. You need to experience pain to know what true love is. You even have to stumble at times, as in many times, to learn how to stand up again, to move forward and keep going.

Life is complicated and it sucks most of the time but when you start learning to love it and just enjoy every single moment of it, it feels great, wonderful and worthwhile.


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