AD-FOR: Why I joined?

I am a freelance online writer and I am perfectly satisfied with my job. I am well compensated and I learn a lot from my writing jobs.

However, my current job doesn't stop me from looking for other ways of earning. It is still best to build a number of income sources just to keep me secured that I have other means of earning. Aside from my writing jobs, I also do e-loading business which is somewhat already a part of every person's everyday necessity (and so I am earning just fine), I have a vending machine that is currently situated in an internet cafe which is fairly earning, and I also sell some pre-loved items online.

Before, I was the most skeptic and doubtful person when it comes to PTC's or paid-to-click ads. I was like, really? I was not that really into that especially when I tried to register in one of the PTC sites where one click is only equivalent to .000001 cents. What a waste!

And then I suddenly bumped into an advertisement about earning $.10 to $100 per click advertisement which happened to have been posted by a person I actually know. That's the time my views on PTC's have been changed instantly.

I was introduced to AD-FOR. An advertisement forwarder company that give viewer's rewards for clicking an advertisement. You may ask, what convinced me to join AD-FOR? I joined ad-for because of three main reasons:

First, The compensation plan is truly amazing. You just need to pay $35 or Php1750 for the registration and you get to earn in four ways: That is you get 1 credit of posting an advertisement which is called as an e-catalogue. (This is quite helpful on my part since I can post my writing services and eventually find employers). Then you will earn $.10/ads click/day for 100 days. You will also earn $4 for every referral. And $8 for every pair (left and right) that you will have.

Second, there's basically no products to sell. You just have to refer and you will earn instantly! Cool right? Unlike any other MLM, AD-FOR does not have any product for you to sell. You just have to present the compensation plan, motivate your team to look for prospects and and once you get them to register, you earn. Everybody's happy! But, you have to remember though that you have to exert some extra effort in order to earn. You have to work to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. In all business ventures, you really have to move and act if you really want to earn and be happy with your earnings. Even Trump would agree on that.

Third, the AD-FOR team that I am with right now is very supportive and has the same goals as mine. In order to be successful, you have to get yourself surrounded with people who share the same goals (and that is achieving financial freedom) as yours and has the same positive attitude and happy disposition like you. After all, without teamwork and proper attitude, any business will never be as successful, right?

Now, I am looking forward to meeting more people as motivated and as determined as me. Earning online is simply accessible and unless you grab opportunities like ad-for, you will never get to enjoy and realize how easy it is to earn online.

If you think you have the attitude, the determination and the interest (of course), let me help you explore income potentials in AD-FOR. =)


kingmiones said...

wow..this is a nice piece!..and true about ad-for..can I share it to my friends?..

Beauty that Speaks said...

Sure, no problem. You can share my blog post =) thanks for appreciating!

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