How Dirrrrty Politics Can Be

"AMPATUAN" - the name that can be heard in all radio stations, read in all newspapers and seen in all television news. I just don't understand why that has to be done - the mass killing.

I am a Muslim but I definitely don't condone what they did. More so, Islam doesn't speak of any violence. Islam means peace. Islam means loving and living. It saddens me to see all of what is happening with my fellow Muslims (or shall I really call them Muslims?). They no longer know what their religion is. I feel that they give the people the wrong impression of what our religion really is. I am just stunned with how they killed all those innocent people and how they manage to ignore it. I know my faith and I know that all Muslim communities are disappointed and very much disheartened with such unbelieveable event. I pray that justice will prevail and not power nor money (again).

It is till six months to go before the election day but violence is already happening. I wonder what these people think. With that I see, they just think about theirselves and how to retain their money, stature and power. They want to rule the place and they surely don't like anybody to take that away from them. They will steal lives not minding the innocent people. They are selfish and are definitely greedy. Up to now, I am still in awe. I don't know what the government will do about this but what I am more curious about is what Muslim Communities across the country will do about such a cruel event.

I am waiting and praying that people who must be punished, must be punished and people who should be awarded with justice, shall be awarded.


Bai said...

Yes, Ole... I share the sentiment with you. It's so disheartening and terrible. And to think incidences like these, albeit not as inhuman as this one, has been going on in Maguindanao, the rest of the country, and even in other parts of the world, for so long now... =( Justice should be served expeditiously and without any qualms!

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