‘The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.’ And to enjoy it even more, play with the rain and feel the freedom of being free. Just the act of looking up the sky while feeling every raindrop reminds us that in this problem laden and crazy world there still exist a serene occurrence that would shatter all our difficulties and worries. The rain simply allows us to go back to where we started and that is being a child again.

Remembering when we were still a child, we have our own world. We create our own world. We choose to live in a peaceful, organized and a happy world and a place as colorful as the rainbow. We used to believe that everything we see and feel is endless. We were simply enjoying every second without having to worry what tomorrow will offer us. Not minding what is going on around and above all, not really loaded with mind boggling questions like why’s, how’s and what if’s. We just live life. We allowed things to go on naturally and appreciated every inch of our daily lives. How cool is that?

Now that we get older and more mature and live in what many of us call the ‘real world’, we think nothing but problems, hurdles and difficulties. We are all being so negative. We are all conscious of what’s going to happen in the future, we actually fear tomorrow. We fear death. We fear failure. We fear everything that life may and may not bestow us. Isn’t that exhausting? We are all so bothered of what will happen next and eventually forgets that what we should be thinking about is the ‘now’ and the ‘today’. We are all stuck in discomfort and uneasiness. We allow ourselves to be caged in our fears. We choose to be imprisoned by anxiety.

Also, we are all used to measuring our contentment and happiness by the money we have, by the achievements we made and by the popularity we gain. All of these are nothing compared to the happiness being given by being free - entirely free from stress, doubts, fears, worries, regrets and insecurities.

Raining doesn’t necessarily imply that everything around us is dull and gloomy but rather, rain reminds us of our childhood days where we were all living in our very ideal and positive world. With all that is happening in the human race nowadays maybe it is time that we all take some break and begin from being a child again - a child full of hope, idealism, vibrancy, energy and positivism.


catwoman said...

I like the way you see things, its so very natural. actually, i like walking under the rain and i really hate bringing umbrellas because i want to feel the rain falling on my skin, its like nature touching me, so gentle and free.

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